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2007-03-26 07:44 pm

You want me to participate in a WHAT?

"Let me get this straight... You want me to go back to the Bar at the End of the Universe... where I have only been once when we weren't in the middle of a crisis... to steal strange women's underwear?!"
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2006-07-16 08:20 pm
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MILLIWAYS--To the Library, Batman!

They were late, and even though it was only by ten minutes, it was enough to raise Tucker's ire.

"Man, what took you guys so long?"

"SHHHH," hushed the harried-looking librarian, and Tucker started spreading stuff out on the table so they could see it too, pushing stacks of books and old newspapers and microfiche slides towards them. He had his laptop set up--he'd have just used his PDA, but he knew they'd all be reading and therefore he needed a bigger screen. He was taking advantage of the library's free wireless setup; there were multitudes of websites minimized.

"You guys need to take a look at this stuff. After seeing all this, it makes sense why our town is, like, Ghost Central. I'm starting to think it might not just be the Ghost Portal."
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2006-01-06 01:57 am


If we don't find Danny soon, we're doomed.



P.S. Where the heck is he? I'm worried and so is Sam...