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Tucker Foley ([personal profile] fryertuck) wrote2007-03-26 07:44 pm

You want me to participate in a WHAT?

"Let me get this straight... You want me to go back to the Bar at the End of the Universe... where I have only been once when we weren't in the middle of a crisis... to steal strange women's underwear?!"

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"Uh. Yes. Sort of."

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Danny laughed. "Okay, you need to find this little guy named Enzo. Green skin, backwards baseball cap. Kinda hard to miss. Or FX. Who'll either be a fox or look like James Dean. They're the ones planning it. I promised Enzo I'd help out before realizing what they were up to, and with Sam, I kind of figure my days of invisibly sneaking into girly places are over." A reflective pause. "I'd like to just stay half-dead for a while--not wind up all-dead."

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"Are you kidding me? If I even think it, she'll find out. Somehow."

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Danny rolled his eyes, but he was still grinning. "What're best friends for?"